Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If Dancing was Any Easier, it Would be Called Football

Just got back from my dress rehearsal for my dance class. And wow! There are some hard core dancers out there! I mean that takes alot of effort! Any girl can play football EASILY! But i doubt any player on the Colts or the Steelers could go on stage and do what those girls did! i found this quote today and it made me laugh...

“Nice men marry dancers. Real men become Dancers!”

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons

To introduce myself, my name is Carly,as you can tell by my title. Just to let you know i had the name Carly LONG before icarly ever came out! Its not that i have a grudge against the show, its just, well, she took my name! Anyways, my friends, family, and sometimes people i dont even know classify me as a Drama queen. But i dont ever really think of that as a bad thing.I am an actress in-training. The world is my stage, and i intend to right my own script. i have a positive nature. I believe in making the best of even the worst situations. I mean you have to, dont you? I say that every cloud has a solid gold lining. My life is a roller coaster, so keep your hands, feet, arms, and legs inside the vehicle at all times! ¡Guarde por favor sus manos, pies, brazos, y piernas dentro del vehĂ­culo siempre!